Our Friends in Conservation – Stockport Building Preservation Trust.

The Trust was formed by two members of a local group who were concerned that Woodbank Hall had fallen into a very poor state of repair and needed rescuing before it deteriorated further. They started a new group to rescue the Hall but recognised that this could have wider implications for other buildings at risk in the town and so Stockport Building Preservation Trust was born.


The Charity’s objectives are specifically restricted to the preservation of buildings of historical, architectural or constructional interest, in and around the Stockport Metropolitan Borough and must prove to be beneficial to local people. Our aims can best be summarised as rescue the building, respect its past anrespond to its future. In following this simple code, we can ensure a future for buildings that the community and wider public can continue to enjoy.

The prime intention of the Trust is to source funding to help preserve these buildings and we need the support of the community to do this.

Projects will be identified and driven by concerned individuals or groups in the community who would like to preserve their own building at risk under the umbrella of the Trust.

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Although, we have a geographical boundary for preservation projects this in no way restricts public involvement. Public participation will be actively encouraged both during and after projects. We aim to establish support groups for each project we undertake. Local participation is especially important and essential to ensure community involvement and create a feeling of ownership of projects.

Courtesy Of –  Stockport Building Preservation Trust & Stockport Heritage Trust.

The services we provide for you at aura conservation


Stone, Brick, Cast Stone, Terracotta, Sculpture, Statuary, Bronze Statuary.


Roof Tiling, Steeplejacks and Lightning Protection, Roof Drainage, Lead Protection, Roof Features.


Painting & Decorating, Plasterwork, Tiling, Timber Flooring.

Services & Treatment

Protection and Remedial Treatment, Paint Finishes, Mortars & Renders, Pointing, Paint Removal, Masonry Cleaning, Structural Repairs, Epoxy Resin Repairs.

Metal, Wood & Glass

Fine Joinery, Wood Carving, Windows and Doors, Secondary Glazing, Metalwork.

You can contact us at:

Dunham House, 181 Wellington Road North, Stockport, Cheshire, SK4 2PB.

Tel: 0161 442 9850 / Fax: 0161 432 8478

Email  enquiries@auraltd.co.uk
Web    www.auraltd.co.uk



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