Project Spotlight – Chester Cathedral Chapter House!

Chester Cathedral is a Grade I Listed Church of England cathedral and has been the seat of the Bishop of Chester since 1541. The cathedral has been modified many times and dates from between 1093 and the early 16th century. However, the site itself is believed to have been used for Christian worship since Roman times.

The Cathedral has an east-west axis, with the chancel at the eastern end and the façade to the west. To the north of the cathedral are monastic buildings, including the cloister, refectory and a rectangular chapter house. The chapter house was built between 1230 and 1265.

Chester Cathedral

Aura Conservation were appointed to repair and investigate water damage to the lime plaster to the vaulted ceiling of the chapter house.

Sheff Cathedral new

The lead flashing to the parapet gutters was renewed and a balloon guard installed to prevent any further water ingress. Roof timbers were inspected and showed no signs of damage, therefore no further action was required. It was then necessary to leave site for 8 weeks to allow the leak to cure and for everything to dry out before further works could take place.

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