Project Update, Sheffield Cathedral

The new flag pole is now in place inside

Sheffield Cathedral.

A coordinated effort by our friends at Thomas Ford & Partners ensured the timely installation of the the flag pole and associated brackets for the dedication service of the Ensign on the 5th May

A job well done by all, and thank you to Tim Donlon, our Projects Manager for his efforts and also a big thank you to our friends at the Smithy, Martin Lister and his team of craftsmen, for going the extra mile to ensure everything was in order on the day. Not forgetting the efforts of Ben Oliver of Bristol Wooden Flagpoles for supplying the said article!

Sheffield Cathedral

Our Friends In Conservation

“The Smithy” is within walking distance to our office on the A6, Stockport. They have been providing high quality craftsmanship and service for five generations! Working from the workshop in Stockport since 1890, where Martin’s great, great grandfather bought the original plot (business/good will/property) for £65! Which is where the business has been ever since. 129 years!

Martin Lister directs the business today, he said that he’s been visiting the yard since he was 2 years old! So that’s plenty of years’ experience behind him!

Martin has a highly extensive knowledge of the materials and techniques used to create the vision of the customers. Because he uses traditional hand-forging and has such detailed knowledge of metalwork passed down through the generations, Luke Lister Blacksmiths are proud to produce items to meet specific Listed Building requirements.

Services include:

  • Artist commissions, including laser and plasma features
  • Site work, maintenance and repairs, including welding
  • Grilles supplied and fitted to insurance specifications
  • Restoration and Heritage projects
  • All aspects of Health and Safety improvements
  • Hand railing and access ramps
  • Traditional forge work
  • Balconies, railings and gates


Aura are Celebrating Thirteen Years in the Industry


Aura Conservation has existed for thirteen successful years. We have a solid and experienced management team, probably the best in our opinion! We can assist you in any of your conservation needs, and if we can’t help you; we have friends who can. We have a good financial foundation forged out of adversity and achieve our targets through our prudent financial management.

Contact us today to see how we can help you.


You can contact us at:

Dunham House, 181 Wellington Road North, Stockport, Cheshire, SK4 2PB.

Tel: 0161 442 9850 / Fax: 0161 432 8478

Email  enquiries@auraltd.co.uk
Web    www.auraltd.co.uk

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