Our Friends in Conservation

The National Churches Trust have a newsletter that we thought we could share with you in full:

churches trust

April 2019: Latest news from the National Churches Trust

I write in the aftermath of the terrible fire at Notre Dame cathedral. It is still too early to assess the full extent of the damage, but President Macron has already set a target of 2024 for the reconstruction of this magnificent building.

This tragedy has brought to the attention of the entire world the beauty and importance of church architecture. It is too precious to be taken for granted.

At the National Churches Trust we will redouble our efforts to provide the people who look after the UK’s church buildings with the advice, support and funding they need to help ensure the future of the UK’s historic churches, chapels and meeting houses. In this e-newsletter, you can find out about the 34 churches that we are helping with our latest grants.  There is also a link to important information about fire prevention from Historic England.

On Easter Sunday, Richard Carr-Archer, one of our Trustees and surveyor to the Fabric of York Minster from 1998-2006, is due to talk between 7 and 9 am on a number of BBC local radio stations about the challenges facing those who will be in charge of the rebuilding of Notre Dame cathedral. The exact schedule for his interviews is still being decided, but do tune in to your local BBC radio station’s ‘faith’ programmes and you may well hear him.

I wish you all a very Happy Easter.

Clare Walker
Claire Walker, Chief Executive

April 2019

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