Heritage in the Community


Here are some super easy ways to start reducing the waste you generate and the amount entering our landscape:

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  1. Don’t buy bottled water and coffee in disposable cups – instead keep a refillable bottle or thermos handy.


  1. Bring your own shopping bags – remember to bring your own bags every time you shop and avoid products with excess packaging, especially when picnicking in our favourite locations.


  1. Help us clean up – by joining a volunteer event. There are loads of events to choose across the country, some involving fun days out if you are feeling adventurous.


  1. Avoid cling film and foil – aluminium foil and cling film use a lot of resources to produce and cling film can’t be recycled, so when packing your picnic, use eco-friendly sandwich wrap alternatives (like beeswax wraps) or reusable containers.


  1. Don’t buy products with microbeads – much of the plastic polluting our waterways and oceans is microplastics which derive from bigger items breaking down but also from consumer products like face wash and toothpaste. Some estimates place the number of microplastics in the world’s ocean at up to 51 trillion fragments. Avoid items with ‘polypropylene’ or ‘polyethylene’ on the ingredients list and go for natural biodegradable alternatives.


  1. Don’t buy glitter – most glitter is made from plastic and the small size of its particles makes it a potential ecological hazard. It’s not just young children who enjoy using glitter – it’s used in a wide range of products, like clothing, greeting cards and shower gel, so avoid these products unless you know they are made from a biodegradable alternative.


  1. Use eco products – with lower phosphate type soaps for washing up, and household cleaning.


  1. Store your rubbish securely – whether you are out for a walk, cycle or boat trip, make sure you keep hold of your rubbish securely until you reach a bin, so it doesn’t get blown into the surrounding landscape. And make sure all rubbish bags are tied securely and bin lids are closed when you reach a waste disposal point.


  1. Separate your recyclables and make use of recycling facilities. If someone puts a bag of general mixed waste in a recycling bin, the whole bin will be treated by the contractors as mixed waste and the tax will be charged on the whole load.


  1. Instil these ideas in the minds of our young ones, make it fun, but also let them realise the consequences of not controlling litter. You will soon find that they will become more ardent at controlling litter than you are!


Litter Ideas:- Courtesy of Canal Trust.

Image:- Courtesy of Keep Britain Tidy.


The services we provide for you at aura conservation


Stone, Brick, Cast Stone, Terracotta, Sculpture, Statuary, Bronze Statuary.


Roof Tiling, Steeplejacks and Lightning Protection, Roof Drainage, Lead Protection, Roof Features.


Painting & Decorating, Plasterwork, Tiling, Timber Flooring.

Services & Treatment

Protection and Remedial Treatment, Paint Finishes, Mortars & Renders, Pointing, Paint Removal, Masonry Cleaning, Structural Repairs, Epoxy Resin Repairs.

Metal, Wood & Glass

Fine Joinery, Wood Carving, Windows and Doors, Secondary Glazing, Metalwork.

You can contact us at:

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Celebrating Thirteen Years in the Industry


Aura Conservation has existed for thirteen successful years. We have a solid and experienced management team, probably the best in our opinion! We can assist you in any of your conservation needs, and if we can’t help you; we have friends who can. We have a good financial foundation forged out of adversity and achieve our targets through our prudent financial management.

Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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