Project Spotlight – Coalville Memorial Clock Tower

The proud and distinctive Coalville Memorial Clock Tower is a Grade II listed monument in the historical market town of Coalville, North West Leicestershire.


Structural maintenance work to the Memorial Clock Tower started in May, thanks to funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the War Memorials Trust.

North West Leicestershire District Council conducted a condition survey which revealed the roof was leaking and needed improvement, some of the steelwork reinforcement within the tower had rusted and needed replacing and the concrete base had fractured and needs to be reinforced.

Work includes:

  • Repairs to the cast stone on the tower
  • Replacing the lead covering on the tower roof
  • Replacing the access door at the top of the tower
  • Repointing / replacing brick work as necessary
  • Installing a new lightning protection rod
  • Internal repairs to the access floors
  • Internal steel support replacement
  • Relaying the concrete paving and steps around the base of the tower
  • Electrical work on the internal and external lighting.

To carry out these works, scaffolding towers were installed around the full height of the clock tower and works are being carried out by us and students from Stephenson College, giving them unique experience of working on a listed monument of such local importance.

PHOTO-2018-12-07-11-15-20 (1)

The repairs to the structure of the tower came to completion just ahead of Remembrance day which enabled us to remove the scaffolding surrounding the monument and get to work on stabilising the base.

Before works commenced to restore aged steps.

The steps surrounding the clock tower were sunken, cracked and dilapidated, our team on site – managed by the very efficient Wayne Fisher, have been busy digging out and removing the old concrete to strip the steps down to a suitable substrate, in order to re-introduce a new sub-base ready to form the shuttering for the exposed aggregate to create the new steps.

The steps are currently stripped down ready to be reformed by the team on site.

As with all our Conservation work, we endeavour to always match original materials used in order to preserve the true history.

PHOTO-2018-12-07-11-15-25 (2)
Several loads of waste have been removed from site so far to enable restoration.

Coalville Memorial Clock Tower Facts:

Constructed from: Staffordshire brick, Stone and Granite.

Height: 68ft / 816″ / 20.7m

Designed by: Henry Collins

Built by: W Moss Ltd

Unveiled to public: October 31st 1925

Unveiled by: Mrs Booth of Gracedieu Manor (independant Catholic School in Leiscestershire)

Monument reads: There is a clock face at the top of each of the four sides. The inscription reads “THIS TOWER WAS ERECTED BY THE INHABITANTS OF THE DISTRICT IN MEMORY OF THE MEN WHO WENT FROM THE COALVILLE URBAN AREA.” There are three identical tablets to the fallen of World War I which read: “IN LOVING AND GRATEFUL REMEMBERANCE OF (NAMES) WHO, TO THEIR IMPERISHABLE HONOUR GAVE THEIR LIVES IN THE GREAT WAR 1914-1918.” There are four identical tablets to the fallen of World War II: “IN LOVING AND GRATEFUL REMEMBERANCE OF (NAMES) WHO, TO THEIR IMPERISHABLE HONOUR GAVE THEIR LIVES IN THE GREAT WAR 1939-1945.” The inscription on a memorial stone near the north side of the clock tower reads: “FOR YOUR TOMORROW WE GAVE OUR TODAY, THIS STONE COMMEMORATES THE ENDING OF THE 2ND WORLD WAR 15TH. AUGUST 1945 THEIR SACRIFICE WAS NOT IN VAIN “WE WILL REMEMBER THEM”

Coalville War Memorial Clock Tower – 1930’s. Image credit: https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/local-news/landmark-coalville-building-needs-major-1831462



Incorporated in 2006, Aura Conservation have existed for over twelve successful years. We have a sound and experienced management team. We can assist you in any of your conservation needs and have a body of long standing and experienced tradesmen we can call on with specialist knowledge of the conservation world. Along with prudent financial management, we have a sound financial foundation that will see us prosper in the coming years.

You can contact us at:

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One Reply to “Project Spotlight – Coalville Memorial Clock Tower”

  1. It has been a pleasure to work with you on such a complex and time critical project. Looking forward to seeing the new steps and arranging an official completion celebration in the new year.

    Chris Lambert
    Head of Housing and Property
    North West Leicestershire District Council


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