Progress Spotlight – Introducing Bank Hall, Leyland

Introducing Bank Hall, Leyland.

Bank Hall is a Jacobean mansion in Bretherton, Lancashire, England. It is a Grade II* listed building and is at the centre of a private estate, surrounded by parkland. The hall was built on the site of an older house in 1608 by the Banastres who were lords of the manor. The hall was extended during the 18th and 19th centuries. Extensions were built for George Anthony Legh Keck in 1832–1833, to the design of the architect George Webster.

During the Second World War the Royal Engineers used this mansion house as a control centre. After the war the estate was returned to the Lilfords whose estate offices moved to the east wing of the house until 1972 when the house was vacated. The building was used as a location for the 1969 film The Haunted House of Horror.

The house was vandalised causing rapid deterioration. In 1995 the Bank Hall Action Group was formed to raise public awareness, collect funds, host events, and clear the overgrown grounds. In 2003 Bank Hall was the first building to be featured in the BBC’s Restoration television series. Since 2006 the action group and Urban Splash have planned to restore the house as apartments retaining the gardens, entrance hall and clock tower for public access.

Bank Hall, Leyland before restoration work began. Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/55777341@N00/12566819733

We began work at Bank Hall in February 2018 and the works on site are being managed by our very own Gary Shea, a perfect opportunity for Gary to show off his expertise in stonework restoration.

Due to the condition of the site when we first arrived, the first job on our hands was the tedious task of collecting all the stone which has been falling from the building for years, similar to the process of piecing the building together like a jigsaw. Where the stone has either been totally lost or in an unusable condition, we are making new to replace.

Scaffolding has been erect up the collapsed clock tower.

We are sourcing replacement stone from Anelay Traditional Masonry and the carving & stonework is being carried out by ourselves onsite or by Anelay Tradition Masonry.

On-site workshop.

We’re carrying out repairs to the original stone by a process of dowling using stainless steel structures to ensure the renovations can withstand the effects of time, the combination of both old and new stone on the building ensures we have kept with Architects original design, whilst adding the refresh it truly needs.

The combination of new and restored stone on this double chimney captures perfectly what we aim to achieve.

We can’t wait to see the outcome of everyone’s hard work once these renovated apartments are complete!


Incorporated in 2006, Aura Conservation have existed for over twelve successful years. We have a sound and experienced management team. We can assist you in any of your conservation needs and have a body of long standing and experienced tradesmen we can call on with specialist knowledge of the conservation world. Along with prudent financial management, we have a sound financial foundation that will see us prosper in the coming years.

You can contact us at:

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Email  enquiries@auraltd.co.uk
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