The Importance of Detail – Holy Trinity Church, Blackpool

Holy Trinity Church, Blackpool.

The original church that occupied this site was built in 1836, the building as it is seen today was designed by Richard Knill Freeman in the decorated Gothic style, works were completed just under 30 years later in November 1895. It gained its Grade II listing due to the two large windows in the south transept which depict various scenes including the various men involved with church building of the time.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jcameronuk/9662838178

Aura Conservation were contracted to carry out work involving the complete replacement of stonework and glazing to five tracery windows, lime mortar re-pointing, replacement of the parapet gutter and replacement of cast iron rainwater pipes and heads.


The replacement of the red sandstone to the tracery windows was essential due to the almost complete erosion of some of the original stone.

Picture 040.jpg
Construction of replacement sandstone.

Very detailed surveys were carried out to produce accurate overall and component drawings to enable production of the new windows in St. Bees Sandstone, obtained from Stancliffe Stone Co Ltd in slab form.holy trinity 4

Holy trinity
Details drawings used to re-create replacements.
holy trnity3
These images are the original drawings used during the job.

The original glazing was in poor condition and could not to be reused and had to be removed from the windows.  The original stone was gently cut out and removed from site.


The new stone was carefully fixed and dressed prior to complete re-glazing by Charles Lightfoot Ltd. All of the pointing in and around the window was carried out in line mortar to match the red sandstone.

Replacement glass being fitted.

Quite extensive areas of the general stonework were re-pointed in a mix of St. Astier Lime and Nosterfield Sand, lightly brushed.

Also, the parapet gutter above the three small windows were replaced in Code 7 Lead, incorporating new lead catch pits and chutes. The valley gutter between the two large windows was also subsequently replaced.


Finally, the hopper heads and rainwater pipes were replaced in new cast iron.

Replacement lead work used.

We were proud to receive a commendation award at the Natural Stone Awards in November 2008 for the quality of work carried out in relation to this project.



Incorporated in 2006, Aura Conservation have existed for over twelve successful years. We have a sound and experienced management team. We can assist you in any of your conservation needs and have a body of long standing and experienced tradesmen we can call on with specialist knowledge of the conservation world. Along with prudent financial management, we have a sound financial foundation that will see us prosper in the coming years.

You can contact us at:

Dunham House, 181 Wellington Road North, Stockport, Cheshire, SK4 2PB. Tel. 0161 442 9850 Fax. 0161 432 8478

Email  enquiries@auraltd.co.uk
Web    www.auraltd.co.uk 





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