Our Friends in Conservation – Milled Lead Supplies

The impact of time – Lead Roofing

Lead sheet has been used as a building material for centuries, it adorns the roofs of churches, offices, factories, public buildings and homes throughout the United Kingdom because of it’s durability and ease of use. (Although our roofers would disagree with this!)

A brave roofer hard at work – Wentworth Woodhouse Spring 2018.

As a company, we are currently overseeing and implementing the roofing restoration works on the following sites – Wentworth Woodhouse, Christ Church, Wakefield Crown Court, Market Street Lancaster, St Etheldreda Church and Coalville War Memorial.

All workers on site are CSCS Gold Card Lead-workers, working to BS6915 and the Lead Sheet Manual.

re furbished lead hopper
Pictured here is a refurbished hopper at Wentworth Woodhouse, completed for the site by one of our lead workers.

Lead is used in roofing in many capacities from flashing to flat roofs, valleys, gutters, downspouts and hoppers. As one of the first metals to be smelted, is it thought to have been first mined in 6500 BC in Anatolia (the greater part of Asian Turkey.)

Churches throughout History have used lead for their roofs and lead has served these ancient buildings extremely well. Indeed, we would have lost many of these beautiful, ancient buildings were they not protected by lead. Because of this, it is still the preferred material for roofers.

Lead sheet

Astonishingly, lead can last up to 150 years and is 100% recyclable – infact more than 95% of lead used in the building industry today is made from recycled materials. Three million tonnes of lead is recycled from scrap every year, which is partly due to the stability of it’s value. No lead is wasted and with other roofing materials requiring replacement at a more frequent rate, the slightly higher cost of lead is offset.

Works underway at Wentworth Woodhouse 2018.

We’ve been busy carrying out restoration works on several ancient roofs throughout 2018 and into 2019, requiring large quantities of lead often surrounded by troublesome delivery locations. In situations as of this, we’re lucky to have suppliers who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure our operations continue to run smooth.

Milled Lead Supplies make light work of the many orders we throw their way and work with us consistently to ensure orders arrive safely and timely to site. It’s with the assistance of our reliable suppliers that we are able to ensure each individual job is complete to the highest standard.

Milled Lead Supplies
Milled Lead Supplied Logo


28-29 Harrison Close, Wigston, Leicester. LE18 4ZL

Call: 0116 278 1609 / Fax: 0116 278 1609


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