Newsletter – Autumn 2018

Work proceeds on our projects as the cold weather approaches, thankfully the rain hasn’t been too bad for the time of year. We are on target financially and have the makings of a solid order book for the new year. A good team effort by all.

Wakefield Courthouse

At Wakefield courthouse, we have the roof stripped with the structural roof repairs nearly complete with new steel plates and timbers. The Lead gutters being installed now that the Masonry repairs are complete. The window repairs and the reglazing are now in progress.

This picture shows the perilous condition of the roof before we started our work!

Wakefield Courthouse

Coalville Clocktower

Coalville Clocktower has seen the completion of the masonry repairs and the new roof has been installed complete with all the leadwork and a brand-new flagpole has been fitted. Now it’s time for the scaffold to be removed. The following picture showed how it looked before we started our works:


We hope to bring you some pictures of both Projects when they are completed.

Wentworth Woodhouse

Wentworth Woodhouse is a spectacular Project where we are undertaking structural roof repairs. The leadwork is in progress and the copper gutter has been installed. Masonry repairs and the renewals of stone cornice are near completion and the lead rainwater pipes and hoppers have been refurbished and re-fixed. We hope to be undertaking Phase two of the works in the New Year, watch this space!

This picture shows the thoroughness of the craftsmen roofers in completing their works, all neat and tidy, a first-class job of work.

Wentville Woodhouse

Aura has capacity for further works, especially over the next quarter, if you have a project we can help with, please contact us and we will try to assist where we can.

Another project we are well on with is:

St Etheldreda

St Etheldreda at West Halton found its roof in a parlous state as the following picture depicts:

St Ethelreda

Now we find the structural roof renewed and the steel plates applied to the trusses and the new stainless-steel roof installed. We will be updating our Blog with the completed works soon! See: auraconservation.blog for updates on our team, our friends in conservation, our Clients and Work and much more!

What’s On?

We came across a great resource at the buildingconservation.com web site, where you can find out “What’s On” in the industry for the whole year at a glance. Find it here:


As you know, Aura Conservation are RICS Award winners for Building Conservation. In 2017 we won the award for our work on Birkenhead Priory in the Northwest and in 2018 we again won the award with our works at Eshton Hall for the Yorkshire and Humber region finals.

November sees the award ceremony attended by our Managing Director, Craig Liddle. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we come away with the National award as well!


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