Our Friends in Conservation – Superscan3D

As the Beatles said “We get by with a little help from our friends”, and never a truer phrase was said, especially in Conservation where the specialities are so varied, we often have the need to reach out and team up with our friends in the Industry.

So here are one of our friends:


Superscan3D specialise in heritage conservation 3D scanning services in the UK. We have an established reputation for delivering high resolution, high accuracy 3D scans of original objects. Additionally, we also specialise in converting our hi-res 3D scans into super accurate physical replicas at any scale! This is achieved via both 3D printing and CNC milling technologies, which can then be used to create mould masters for traditional bronze foundry casting and many other application including stone. Typical examples of objects we 3D scan and reproduce are: ornate decorative plaster, decorative stone masonry, fine art sculpture, wood carvings etc. Such services can also be used for high detail site surveys. Superscan3D have an established reputation within UK heritage conservation and fine art sculpture sectors, working with many well known conservation professionals, museums and contemporary artists. 

20s Bust Front
Image credit – Superscan3D

A 1920’s bust, scanned and created by Superscan3D

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